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Port forwarding proxy, with web remote, will let you expose your ports to the public without access to a router. A new alternative to Teamviewer, Logmein, Aeroadmin, Dropbox, and more.

A different kind of remote access. Imagine the possibilities!

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Show clients your local web environment wherever you are, even without router access. Serve content from hotspot, airports, coffee shops, campus, and more.

Your Web Port:

Accessed Here Example: city-location.switchr.io:68453


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Tech Support

So easy to install, you can have any non-technical person at the machine to get you connected in moments. Once installed, you'll have full control of the host from our web console to open ports for services such as VNC or Remote Desktop.
Take advantage of our web client remote for both VNC and RDP on either your phone or computer, extend host access, and even track your connection times.

Recent News:

New Features Added 10/21

We have got some really cool new additions for you all this week!
Here's what to look out for.... Read more

Written by: Nick Cyr

Content updates & more.

Hold on to your potatos Dr Jones! We're adding more content as we speak errr, type. Read more

Written by: Nick Cyr

System Updates:

Settle Batch for Aloha Now Available!

Aloha POS users are now able to settle their batch remotely... Read more

Written by: Nick Cyr

Fix for Remote Desktop

There was an issue where when a user created a host they would have to log out and log back in to connect to the remote desktop. This has been resolved. Read more

Written by: William Antonelli

Fixes and Features

Newark is up, current TightVNC detection on host with option to remove it, and what I'll be doing next. Read more

Written by: William Antonelli