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New Features Added 10/21

We have got some really cool new additions for you all this week!
Here's what to look out for:
  • -Users now have the ability to assign other users to hosts, with permissions to each host menu item. Now you can just assign a user who only needs to get reports from the system, such as an accountant.
  • -There is now a menu link at the top of each Web Remote connection, for those of you not familiar with the CTRL + ALT + SHIFT, or Swipe from left feature while connected. Now you can get to your copy clip board, and other settings available for the web remote. The web remote is bit slower than using a direct vnc connection through a forwarded, and open port, but it is a more secure method of access, works well in any browser mobile or desktop, and and does not invalidate PCI compliance regarding ports being open to the public. It also has the capability to track time, which brings me to my next update.
  • -Connections logs from yourself, and assigned users, times connected, and duration are now available when using the web remote.
  • -Network option in host menu added giving dashboard stats showing networked windows hosts, and an arp table that tells you other device IP on the network. You can also see a list of the hosts Windows users. We will be adding more nice features for this area such as user add & change password, as well as forwarding through a host to other IP's on the network such as your DVR, or non-windows network device.
  • Change Windows user passwords from the network dashboard.
Alrighty, well I think that might be it for now. We hope you find these feature updates useful, and we'll keep on pushin' em out.


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